Wednesday, April 25, 2012

5, 4 and 3 days to 30

i've missed some days but this will be a big post so we'll all get over it. as previously mentioned, my family moved around a lot. i spent junior high in indiana and then high school in georgia and then college in idaho and virginia. i hated moving a lot when i was younger, of course. it was always so hard to leave all my friends but of course i was always able to make new friends. as an adult, obviously, my perspective has changed a lot and i consider myself very lucky to live different places but also to have so many different friends. i have had so many different great friends at different times and all of whom played great roles in my life during that particular time period. it was always hard to move on but i absolutely love the memories that i have with all of them. here's some of the incredible friends i've had a privilege of knowing. Indiana (lived here from 4th-9th grade) and had a great group of close friends and we all played basketball and softball was awesome. these friends helped get me through my "awkward" years of junior i struggled finding my "look" ha ha it's hilarious to look back on now but i do wonder sometimes how my mom let me out the door. i went through the grunge stage and then trying to be preppy and just took quite a while to get it right :) these girls were so fun. i have good memories of tubing on the lake and driving golf carts around and mostly of playing softball and basketball. rachel, jyl, lindsay, laura, emily
lindsay, rachel, katie nicole
caitlin, rachel
I lived in Atlanta during my ever important high school years. moving there was really hard because i had such great friends in indiana that i'd had for a long time. the first people to really reach out to me were the kids in my church ward and they really stepped up and befriended me and it meant a lot.
After time i started to make some great friends and first and foremost was susie shelnutt. we played bball and softball together and we really clicked. she still makes me laugh like crazy. i actually got to see her a few weeks ago and she's the friend that we can go years without seeing eachother but then when we're together it feels like things never changed. then there was kim noah who was by far my best friend for a few years. kim and i were those friends that were just always together. we just made sense. we did everything together and we stayed close through our first years of college but then drifted apart. it's been so many years but i still think about her all the time. she meant so much to me. she was truly my best friend. i told her everything and we shared everything. i still miss her so much and i hope she knows how big of a role she played in my life. these 2 were the most influencial people during high school but i was so fortunate to have several really great friends. amber, kim, meghan, jenny
kim and susie
susie, kim, maureen, morgan and sarah
my first year in college was at ricks in idaho. i had some great roommates and they really helped me get through that rough first year of being away from home. britni, annalisa, court and shelly
my other college years were spent at svu which i have posted about and made my feelings about very clear. i made lifelong friends at svu. i am so excited to get together with some of these girls in the colorado mountains just 2 short months from now to have a "reunion" of sorts. carlie wiechman was my best friend and she was the ying to my yang :) she is quite possibly one of the funniest people i've ever met. living with her was the most fun year of my life. we did everything together. we loved the same movies, tv shows, music...she was so great and i'm so glad we're still friends now that we're both old moms :) svu truly gave me some great friendships. some great girls that i'm meeting soon in colorado. diana, brindi and jessie
diana, carlie and shae
kim, susie, carlie, stacie, jeanie, tania, heather, boo

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