Sunday, June 29, 2008

Whole Family

Here is my whole family with the exception of my husband and brother-in-law

Welcome Home

When Mike picked me up from the airport, this rose was waiting in the car for me
Then this bouquet was waiting in the front entryway
Then this was in the kitchen
Then this was in the bedroom....was a sweet boy!


Over the week of the 4th, my family had a "reunion" in my home town of Newnan, GA. My parent, me, all my siblings, and all my nieces and nephews were there. The only people missing were my husband and my brother-in-law. We had an action packed week and i was thrilled to be there. i love and miss Newnan terribly.

The grandkids at Stevie B's Pizza
Kayhlen just chillin in the hotel
Gma and Gpa Wardwell with Ammon and Kayhlen
At the top of a slide at "Jump It"
Kayhlen and my friend Susie's daughter, Kennedy

Cute Babies

Ammon, Kayhlen, and Riley

The Wardwells in town!

My sister-in-law, Rhonda, and her 5 kids came to visit us for a few days from Georgia. We had so much fun with them...going up the canyon, running through the fountains at the gateway, swimming, ect.

2 Months!

I know i'm a slacker, but Kayhlen had her 2 month appointment on the 18th. She is in the 50th % in all categories except head circumfrence in which she's 25%. She is a total cutie weighing in at 10 1/2 pounds and we finally have her in size 1 diapers and wearing most 0-3 clothes well. No more newborn sizes!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kayhlen's First Swim

Cousin Baylie

Cousin Avrie

Smiling is Too Cute

Mommy Time

I'm usually behind the camera...but no so lucky this time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So Protective

Here is Nike sleeping on Kayhlen and then kissing her

How Does this Happen?

This is really quite easy to do when your mom catches your spit up in the burp rag and then you procede to slam your head into it.

Daddy is Hilarious

This was the cutest thing. Kayhlen was sitting on Mike's lap and just giggling cute.

The Wait is Over

The Wardwell's and the Kohl's have been friends since I was born and finally our 2 father's will be united (and yes, i meant to say father's) as Troy and Kristin are getting married. Don't worry, they didn't jump the gun...that's Kayhlen in Kristin's arms.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Utah Grandchildren

My parents now have 12 grandchildren and 5 of them are here in Utah. The older 3 are my sister Carrie's kids (Baylie, Avrie, Kenadie) then there's my Kayhlen (the one screaming of course) and Riley

Riley Samuel Tolman

My little sister Kiley gave birth to Riley on the 29th. He is such a cute little guy. Kiley has made the incredibly hard decision to place Riley with an adoptive family through LDS family services. She has been a strength and example to our entire family as we have marveled at the decision that she has made and our testimonies have been strengthed with the knowledge that Riley is going to be raised by a wonderful mother and father. The adoption is open and Kiley has a great relationship with Ron and Lori Tolman who will become Riley's (they named him after Kiley) parents tomorrow. We look forward to news and pictures as Riley grows up and we can't wait to see him as a teenager on the basketball court! His hands are the size of his head!

Cousins...Kayhlen and Riley