Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Kay was so cute this year...she loved opening and playing with all her presents...santa brought her a kitchen and some other toys and grandma's gave many babies and other girly things...she is a TOTAL girl...we had a great time and felt really blessed to spend time with family.

Opportunity of a Lifetime

I had the opportunity of a lifetime...literally to accomplish something that i've wanted to do for over ten years now. i had the opportunity to go to connecticut and watch UCONN play on their home floor...not only that, but i got to be there as my superstar cousin got to PLAY on that floor. stanford was playing at connecticut and michelle basically know i can get you in for free and my dad got me a plane was really a no brainer :) i convinced diana to go with me :) my one dilema, obviously, was how i was going to cheer for both sides...diana solved that problem via our wardrobe...see pictures. we took a red eye on the night of the 22nd and arrived in hartford at 10 AM on the 23rd. the game was that night and then we flew out at 6 AM on the 24th arriving home in enough time to have christmas eve with our families. the flights and weather worked out perfectly and i really feel blessed that everything went so smoothly. it was a 36 hour trip and i literally got 5 hours of sleep in 2 days, but it was SOOOOO worth it. i literally sat there in awe (on the front row, mind you) at the experience of being there. it was really fun to get text messages throughout the game as people kept telling us how much we were on tv...i even got to blow a well seen kiss to the camera at half time :) michelle, you're a star and you scored on the huskies home many people can say that!

Snow Time

My neighbor lent me her daughter's old snow suit so Kayhlen and i headed out for her first adventure in the snow. As you can see, she didn't seem to like it too much. In order to keep her gloves on, i had to duct tape them around her wrists :) i think she would have liked it better if she could have moved...she really reminded me of the little brother in a christmas story but atleast she was adorable!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

We had our annual gingerbread house decorating night at G & G wardwell's last week. It's pretty amazing...i have vivid memories of doing this every year while growing up, and now my daughter is doing it...sort of :) kayhlen didn't exactly grasp the concept...rather, mike would put some frosting on the house and kayhlen would take a piece of candy, dip it in the frosting and then eat it. oh well, it's meant to be eaten anyway, right?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is this child abuse even though it's so funny :)


Mike brought his shoes and socks downstairs the other day and when he reached down to get his socks to put them on they were missing...we literally spent 3 minutes searching for the socks until we noticed kayhlen...she's such a booger.

G & G Wardwell's new toys

My parents recently purchased some 4 wheelers for our family to enjoy...and boy do i enjoy 4 wheeling. We took them out the day after thanksgiving just to give them a little taste of what the spring and summer are going to hold. i can't wait.

Passed Out

Kiley took these pictues while she was babysitting one day...apparently she's so boring that she puts Kay to sleep (j/k Ki)