Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brushing Teeth

We started doing this a few weeks ago but i'm just now posting the video.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Static Baby

Kay loves to roll around on the couches and it creates a lot of static...her hair was so out of control that we had to snap some pics but we also got a bonus because she totally started cheezing for the soon as she saw the flash she would do a cheese face and close her was awesome.

Passed Out

Kayhlen was really awnry the other night because she hadn't had her second nap that day. Mike was at the neighbors house so i went ahead and put her in bed...he came home literally 5 minutes after i had put her down and he went in to say goodnight but she was out stone cold!!!

Are you Serious?

Have I mentioned how much i HATEEEEEEE Utah because of the we are 5 days away from April and this is what we wake up to...i HATEEEE it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Her New Face

This is Kayhlen's new face that she makes CONSTANTLY. She makes it when she's happy, sad, hungry, full, tired, wide awake...basically whenever so it's pretty hard to know what it means.

The Shirt Doesn't Lie!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Kayhlen and I took advantage of a little bit of sunshine last week (it snowed again today) and went over to the park where i pushed her in the swing. she seemed to enjoy herself for the most part.

Hat Head

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rock Out

I am so privileged to work for a WONDERFUL company. They allow me to work 3 days a week from home and they are always doing great things for their employees. Every March we have our yearly kickoff meeting where we all gather, have dinner, discuss what happened in 2008 and what our goals are for 2009. This year, they made it so fun! They rented out a concert hall and created a "rockband" atmosphere. Between each speaker, they had different "bands" perform a song from Rockband on xbox 360. They gave out awards/cash for highest score (IT Geeks), best costume, and best performance (which is what my band was going for). We have been practicing for this for like 2 months and it was so exciting and so fun to do with the stage, spotlights, fog machine, ect.

By far, the best moment for my band was when i climbed on top of a platform and did a scissor kick/jump off in the air...of course, i was thinking "i'm gonna be so cool and really get the crowd into it". Well, my plan would have worked well had i not, mid air, pushed the button on the guitar that turns the entire thing off...that's right, the middle of the song...i climb up, get some air, and everything goes dead. Can you believe we didn't win? It's like people thought i didn't actually mean to turn it off :) Good times anyway!

This is the CEO and COO of my company

Some of the other bands

My band

House of Flowers

For Valentines, Mike had flowers delivered to me EVERY Monday and Thursday (the days i go into the office) for the ENTIRE month of February. He is always so thoughtful and constantly trying to "outdue" himself...he just needs to find a way to not break the bank in the process :) Love you, babe. Thanks for treating me like a queen.

Here are some of them.