Sunday, August 31, 2008


Mike's company treated him as well as some other managers and their families to a weekend up at Snowbird (a ski resort). Because we had Kayhlen, we weren't able to do all the activities that we would have liked such as the alpine slides and the zipline, but we still were able to get away (without paying for it :)) and enjoy some FABULOUS scenery for the weekend. We had a great time.
Sleeping in the hotel
The views from our hotel room

Riding the tram up the mountain
Views from the top of the mountain (i'd like to tell you that i wasn't terrified as we climbed 2,000 feet via tram hanging on what only feels like a string, but i would be lying)
The tram ride down (someone got tired)
Mike suiting up for his rock climb
He'd like to be able to tell you that he made it to the top but that also would be a lie
We had a family portrait drawn :)
me and my baby

Soccer Game

Kayhlen, Nike, and I went to my niece, Baylie's, soccer game and we took some pictures since it was such a gorgeous evening.

Supergirl Kayhlen

Avrie and Kayhlen

Kenadie just chillin

Gma Wardwell and Kayhlen

Nike dragging Avrie along with Kenadie trying to catch up (they love to play with Nike)

Sounds Just Like Daddy

Sunday, August 17, 2008

4 Months

It's so hard to believe that our little booger is already 4 months old. She is smiling, giggling, rolling, grabing, sucking, and all the other things that new borns don't do. I get so excited everytime she hits another accomplishment but also very sad at the same time because it's going by so quickly. Our booger is tall. At her 4 month appt today she measured in the 90th % for height and 50th % for weight (25 1/2 inches, 13 lbs 10 oz).

Happy Birthday Mikey

Mike turned 26 on the 19th. I got him his first set of golf clubs which he seemed pretty excited about since he no longer has to borrow. We also spent a wonderfult weekend in Park City thanks to my once again incredibly generous neighbors and their 1.3 million dollar condo. I love my hubby more than anything and I'm so grateful to have him.


Kayhlen is starting to giggle and it's really funny because she's not smiling when she does it, but it is definately a giggle.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We Have A Roller

8-8-08 was a big day in the Lee household. Kayhlen, at 3 1/2 months old, rolled from her back to her stomach and pushed herself up on her arms. in the few days since then, this has become a regular occurence. Despite how often she has done it now, i have yet to get it successfully on video but will keep trying. we were so excited but with these milestones also comes the realization of how fast they grow up :)...i looked at mike when she did it and said "you realize that the next thing we know she'll be crawling" YIKES

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fountain Green

Our incredibly nice neighbors invited us and a few other couples down to their family's "cabin" (you'll see what i mean when you look at the pictures) in Fountain Green for the weekend. We had a total blast just hanging out and riding 4 wheelers. while mike may have fallen off his at one point and i may or may not have gotten one stuck on a pretty steep hill...we loved it and can't wait to go again. (hint hint April)

The "cabin"

The living room in the "cabin"

Mike strapping on for safety (good thing)

I love this picture of me, april, and marianne riding off...we totally look like a motorcycle gang :)

Me building momentum for the jump

Meghan getting some air

i love this picture of april

the girls, me, april, meghan, marianne, and valerie

The future of the WNBA

Thanks to my best friend, Carlie, Kayhlen already has a bball uniform. Carlie had this shirt and shorts embroidered for her with her last name as well as my number, 30, on it. Way too cute!

How Lucky I Am

I sometimes have to sit back and think about how lucky i am to be married to the man i am. He seriously is the greatest guy i have ever met and i am continuously astonished at his thoughtfulness. He truly would bend over backwards to do anything that would make me happy. i am so lucky to be sealed to him for eternity and will forever be grateful for the husband and father that he is.

The other day i went out to the garage to get the stroller to take Kayhlen on her walk and this huge monkey was sitting in the stroller along with a book and a card. it was totally cute and out of the blue.

Yesterday while i work i had this bouquet delivered to me. it is seriously enormous and weighs like 40 pounds. it's an ongoing joke in my office because every time mike sends me flowers all the guys continue to ask me what he did wrong and me and all the rest of the girls continue to stress that some guys are just romantic and like to do nice things once in a while. i gotta say, romanticism is alive and well because my hubby has it!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Favorite Time of Day

Kayhlen is now old enough that when she wakes up in the morning she'll just lay in her crib and talk for a long time while waiting for me to come get her. This is my favorite time of day when i hear her talking in her monitor because i absolutely love going into her room to wake her up. She gets so excited that it melts my heart.

TV Aholic

Kayhlen loves to sit in front of the TV. She will stare at it for hours and be content. After a conversation with my mom :) i decided to buy her a baby einstein video to see if they are really as great as everyone the video and i think you'll all become a believer as i have.

Future Uconn Star

Anyone that knows me well knows that i am a die hard University of Connecticut fan. As soon as i found out i was pregnant, i got online and ordered a bunch of baby Uconn gear. Most of it is bigger, but here is a onsie that i bought for Kayhlen. Now she has her gear and her Nike all she has to do is learn to dribble a ball and we're good to go!


All i can say is that whoever invented all this baby stuff is a genius. Kayhlen absolutely loves her swing, bouncer, and seen here, her you can see...she wares herself out while playing in it.