Friday, October 31, 2008

She is so close!

Watch her face right as I open the door

Trick or Treat

Today was Kayhlen's first Halloween. She was a chili pepper. Obviously, since she doesn't understand what's going on she didn't get too into it, but she still looked absolutely adorable. We just walked around with my nieces like i do every year.


Our chili pepper

She looks like a slug

Nike (a hot dog), Avrie (Snow White), Kenadie (a monkey), Baylie (a ghost) and Kayhlen


Mike had a boys getaway trip to Vegas for the weekend. He wanted to make sure that i had something nice so i got flowers while at work on both Monday and Thursday. He also hit the Nike outlet down there and brought both me and Kayhlen some good stuff.


While giving Kayhlen a bath I noticed a bruise on her thigh. This is the first bruise she's really ever had and so i was trying to figure out where it came from. As i looked closer i noticed the 3 tiny white dots and realized it was from her shots...three in that leg and three in the other. Poor girl :(

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

6 Months

Kayhlen is now six months old. I can't believe that it's been six months since i screamed in that delivery room :) She had her 6 month check up today and here's how she is measuring out:
Length 26 1/4 75%
Weight 14lbs 4 oz 25%
Head 42 1/4 50%
What's wierd about Kayhlen is that she seems to be bypassing the "sitting up stage" and going straight for the crawling. She has now taken a very distinct crawl on a couple different of occassions. She is constantly up on her toes with her bum in the air like a bear. We don't think it will be much longer at all before she is crawling. I also started her on vegetables today. She seemed to love her carrots so that is good. I would have gotten it on video but Mike wasn't home so i couldn't. oh well, i'll get it when i can.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Family Pictures

I asked Kiley to take some family pictures of us since we need a good one. Kayhlen did AMAZING throughout the whole thing and always seemed to be happy and smiling. Unfortunately, i can't say the same for Mike :) He has a tendancy to close his eyes or make really wierd faces during pictures. Oh well, atleast we got a couple good shots out of the 100 that were taken. This was up American Fork Canyon.

While Mommy's Away

I had book club tonight so I was gone all evening. When I came home I asked Mike what he and Kayhlen had done and he told me the video...who knew life was so fun when mommy was away.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mommy is a wierdo

Pumpkin Time

We went with some of my family to a pumpkin patch/animal farm/things for kids to do place. Unfortunately, Kayhlen is definately not old enough to get into things like this, but we still want to make sure and start doing things now while she's young so that we get into the tradition. So, even though she doesn't understand, Kayhlen got her first pumpkin yesterday.

The "Utah" Scarecrow

Kayhlen in her first corn maze

With the bunnies

Baylie and Avrie on a freaking huge pumpkin

Daddy and Kayhlen

The finished product

Such a poser

Monday, October 13, 2008

I HATE Utah weather

October 12th and this is what we wake up to :( i seriously hate it

I spy with my little eye...a wiener dog

General Conference

My family has a tradition of getting together on General Conference Sunday. We usually gather between sessions and stuff ourselves (not like that's different than normal) then watch conference while doing a puzzle and then just play and hang out afterwards. This year, the puzzle kinda took us all for a ride...needless to say, it's nowhere near being finished. We'll pull it out again in another 6 months.

Kayhlen enjoyed the little swing that my mom's just the right size

Hanging out outside

Kenadie learned how to finally come in the house

Just Chillin

Mike and I often just lay on our bed with Kayhlen and hang out. This particular night was funny because i was throwing Kayhlen in the air...she would seriously be laughing one second and then crying the next. It's so funny.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bath Time

Maybe she should be a devil for Halloween

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I've been tagged

I am....... really cool...oh and Jodi Lee
I want........ to eat dinner...i'm freaking starving
I have....... a basketball game tonight
I wish........ Kayhlen wouldn't grow up quite so fast
I know......... more than my husband does...j/k :)
I hate........when men (no names mentioned, Mike) think bodily functions are hilarious
I hear........... the tv and Kayhlen's music from her swing
I search..........for clothes that fit Kayhlen often...she's proportioned so strangely
I's true...i could sleep all day any day
I reading books
I am not..........a good cook
I miss...........Kayhlen when i'm at work
I love......... Michael George Lee
I never.......... like to excercise
I rarely........ go a day without wearing basketball shorts at some point
I cry............ usually once a month around the same time :)
I lose........... weight when i actually work out and eat
I am confused........about NASCAR...really, a sport? driving around a circle? i don't get it.
I need.............. to clean more
I should.......... study my scriptures more
I dream.......... of coaching college basketball
I tag....... Jessie (that means you have to do it) and Michelle

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Last week, after fighting cancer for 5 years, my father-in-law, Matt, passed away. It has been a really trying and emotional week for us, especially Mike and his mom, of course. Matt had gotten considerably worse in the last month or so and so we knew that this was coming. i had the rare opportunity of holding my husband's hand as he watched his father take his last breath here on this earth. what a rare and special opportunity it was. i vividly remember, in that moment, feeling more peace then i've ever felt before. it was almost as if you could feel the joyful reunion that was happening at that moment just on the other side of the veil. i have been overwhelmed at the strength of mike and his mom at this time. they don't need me reassuring them that this is not the end...they don't need me telling them that this is just a temporary separation...they KNOW IT. They testify of that both in the words and in their actions. I truly feel as though the Lord has wrapped his arms around all of us and is carrying us through this. This of course in no way means that we are not extremely sad and at times heartbroken. Mike and i have had several conversations about the fact that mourning the loss of a loved one is not only ok, but it's good. it's part of the process. when Lazarus died, Christ wrapped his arms around Lazarus's sisters and wept with them...he mourned with them. i cannot imagine living my life without the knowledge that we are so blessed to have. the knowledge that families are eternal. the knowledge that when mike and glenda knelt at that alter with Matt in May of this year and were sealed to him...they weren't just going through actions and saying words...they literally were binding themselves to eachother. they have eachother forever. I am so grateful for the knowledge that we have. I just wanted to use this opportunity to pay respects to Matt as well as to honor him for the man and father he was. i may not have known him long, but to truly know him, all you have to do is look at the man that my husband is. he is not the man he is by coincidence...he is the man he is because of his father. Matt will be missed, but whenever we need him near, i know that the Lord will allow him to be felt.


My best friend, Carlie is a Salt Lake City police officer. For any of you who know Carlie, you understand my confusion as to who in their right minds would give that girl a loaded weapon and the authority to use it. (Gotta love Salt Lake). Anyway, she loves being a cop and from everything that i can see, she's a really great one. I had the privilege of doing a ride along with her the other day. it was seriously so much fun. At first, i was a little nervous, but as the day went on i got really into it. Fortunately, we didn't have anything too serious that day...a bunch of deacons shooting air rifles, traffic stops, a homeless shoplifter at walmart who stole a calculator (why not food?), public intoxications, and a fight. She called me the next Saturday and told me how upset she was that i wasn't with her that day because she got in a foot pursuit...that would've been fun. Anyway, it was awesome and i can't wait to do it again.

Here is officer Wiechman

And here is my friend, Carlie...see the difference :)

Here are the guys dressed up like wizards that come and have sword fights every Saturday even in the pouring rain...she had to drive me past them.