Saturday, February 11, 2012

Christmas 2012

What a great Christmas we had. We spent Christmas Eve with Gma Lee and Great Gma and Gpa Lee. We then came home and did the nativity with the Wardwell family and opened new jammies and ornaments. Christmas morning we let the kids open their present from Santa and then we got to go to church before coming home to open the rest of the presents from mommy and daddy and then Gma Lee came over later that night to bring even more presents. To say my kids are spoiled would be an understatement. Presents from Great Gma and Gpa Lee
Wise"man" Kayhlen, shepherd Logan and Mary Kennedy
Shepherd Daxten
New Jammies
New Ornaments
Leaving cookies and milk out on Christmas Eve
Santa ATE the cookies!
Santa brought a mater wagon for dax
Santa brought Kay an art table
New chairs from mommy and daddy
Lots of presents
More presents from gma Lee