Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Around and Around

Kayhlen is becoming so observant to things. She is really starting to enjoy her swing and mobile. It's amazing how long they will just stare.

Diana in town

One of my best friends, Diana came to visit us from Colorado. It was a really short trip, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Kayhlen especially liked her stories :). Thanks for coming, Diana!

I'm so confused...

My shirt might say mommy, but my Utah apparel sure says that I'm a daddy's girl.

Monday, May 19, 2008

One Month Old!!!!!

Our little Kayhlen turned one month old yesterday. It's absolutely amazing how fast time flies and I'm going to be really sad if the next 18 years go by this fast (well...maybe just the first 12 or 13 :))

Monday, May 5, 2008

Blessing Day!

Proud Parents

Kayhlen is only 2 weeks old, but since my brother Troy was going to be in Utah for the weekend, we decided to go ahead and bless her so that he could participate. It was extremely difficult to find a dress that would fit her, but we made due. She looked absolutely adorable and we were very grateful for all the family that came to support us. I would give one tip, however...take the pictures before sacrament...she did really well throughout and then was just so awnry and fussy afterward (as you can see in the pics) oh well, she's still gorgeous!

Coach Dryden in Utah

Becky Pead with Kayhlen
Coach Dryden
Jenna, Kat, Nat, Swapp
Sadie Dryden
Sophie Dryden

Coach Dryden came out to Utah for a visit which gave all of us local alumni the opportunity to get together for a few hours and catch up. It was great to see everyone!

She's too cute!

Kayhlen HATES baths

How freakin cute is that cry!

Kayhlen's First Walk

Here is Kaylen all bundled up for her first walk in the nasty Utah April weather.