Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The first 2 weeks

Our sweet Dax is 2 weeks old now. He now weighs 7 lbs 10 oz which means he's gained 11 oz since he was born which is quite a bit. he got his "man part" snipped and i couldn't bear to be in there for it. Mike put on a brave face and was the attending parent. every time i change his diaper my heart hurts for him but i know he'll thank me in his high school locker room years :) dax is a very mellow baby and has such a sweet spirit about him. his only flaw :) is that he's still not into a routine so our nights can be rough. some nights he only gets up twice and then others he's up every 30's still hit and miss with him. he is a total cuddle bug and sleeps his best when i'm holding him. i just love him so much. kayhlen has actually adjusted very well...much better than i expected. she loves to give him hugs and kisses and is constantly asking me what he's doing. i'm so grateful for my little family of 4!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010


We had a great Easter this year. Holidays are getting so much more fun as Kayhlen gets older and more interested in what's going on. She got to search for a basket from the Easter bunny at our house (i have a really cute video but stupid blogger keeps giving me an error) and we had an egg hunt with all the Utah grandkids at G & G Wardwell's house. It was also General Conference and just a nice relaxing weekend.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Going Private

It is time to go private on my blog...i want to include everyone (that i know :)) so please give me your email addresses so that i can add you...i'm planning on making the change next week.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


The top is Dax, the bottom is Kayhlen.

Daxten Matthew Lee

I had my last dr. appt on Tuesday, the 6th with my induction scheduled for the following Tuesday. at my appt i was once again told that my blood pressure was high and that i had protein in my urin so my dr says..."how would you feel if we went ahead and just did this today", let me think, YES PLEASE! So, she told me to go home and do what i needed to and that the hospital would call when they were ready for me probably around 4 PM. The problem, however, was that this particular night happened to be the night of the women's national championship with Uconn and Stanford. anyone that knows me knows that this was a predicament. i thought since i was getting in at 4 that i'd be all set and hooked up and comfy by the time tip-off came at 7...well, 4 came and went, 5 came and went 6 came and then 7 and literally as they were announcing the starting lineups i got the call from the hospital saying that i needed to be there within and hour. we decided to book it and hope to see the second half...i literally ran into my room and got dressed and into bed and then told them that they could only ask me questions during commercials. i ended up seeing the whole second half and watched my girls cruise to another championship. so, after the game, they started me on pitocin around 9 and within an hour i had my epidural and couldn't feel 10:30 my dr came in and broke my water and about 2 AM the nurse told me i was at a 9 and that if i started feeling pressure to push let her know...that pressure came within 10 minutes and 2 contractions later little dax was here. honestly, it was an extremely smooth and fairly easy delivery...pretty cool...i love modern medicine. the after birth has been pretty painful as i experienced a slight abnormality during labor that i won't go into details on :) but it has caused some drastic pain in the aftermath.

dax has been a very mellow baby thus far. he is, however, nocturnal and sleeps ALL day long but not at all at night. i have gotten about 2 hours of sleep each night thus far. despite that, he is so cute and i just love him so much already. kayhlen has done better than we were expecting. she likes to tell us that dax is sleeping and that he's eating and she gives him loves and kisses...other than that, she hasn't seemed to really care that much. can't believe i have 2 children!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Conquering Fears

It took a few months for Kayhlen to realize that this talking horse wasn't actually a that she has, she loves it.